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At TLA, we offer you excellence. Whether you're wearing our lashes or taking our classes you'll leave Tameless Lash Artistry feeling fierce, untamed confidence. 


Dayna Tames is the founder of Tameless Lash Artistry. She’s a licensed cosmetologist, multi-award-winning lash artist, educator, & internationally accredited eyelash extension championship judge. As of December 2023, she’s won fourteen eyelash extension championships at national & international levels, was voted top eyelash extension artist in Phoenix the past two years, & has earned over ten lash extension certifications from around the world & is counting. She began teaching her craft to elevate the lash industry & believes that great lash artists should be the rule… not the exception. Her company is also partnered with one of the USA’s largest lash brands to offer their students the absolute highest standard of eyelash extension education available. Dayna is passionate about every aspect of lashing, from the fundamentals to advanced artistry & truly loves her industry! She couldn’t be happier to share that love through her artwork and education. 


•World Lash University 2019 - 1st place - Classic Junior 
•Lash Inc Lash Artist of the Year 2019 - 3rd place - Classic Professional 
•Scotland Lash & Brow Competition 2020 - 2nd place - Classic Grand 
•Scottsdale Lash & Brow Conference Battle of the Lashes 

2021 -  2nd place
•Artistic Fur Competition 2021 - 4th place - Classic Guru
•Lublini Beauty Competition 2021 - 1st place - Classic Expert 
•Lublini  Beauty Competition 2021 - Best Works Award from Judge Emilia Neuvonen - Overall Competition 
•Best of the Best Nederland 2021- 3rd place - Classic Professional
•Paris World Championship 2022 - 1st place - Classic Advanced

•Golden Wings Final Awarding of Champions 2022 - 1st Place - Classic 'Previous 1st Place Winners' Category

•Scotland Lash & Brow 2022 - 1st Place - Classic Professional 

•Scotland Lash & Brow 2022 - Special Judges Award from Judge Angelika Aria Olejnik - Overall Competition 

•The Beauty Factor Miami 2022- 1st place - Classic Master 

•IAJLB - Accredited Judge of Lash Extension Championships - 2021 

•Elite Lash Competition 2020 - Judge 
•Elite Lash Competition 2022 - Judge 

•Lash Champ Feerie 2022 - Barcelona, Spain - Expert Judge

  • Lash Champ Feerie 2023 - Barcelona, Spain - Expert Judge

•Master Lashing Global Summit 2022 - Speaker - Topic "The Profitability of Competing"

  • Master Lashing Global Summit 2023 - Speaker - Topic "Lash Extension Championships & How-To Compete"

•Top Three Lash Artist in Phoenix Entrepreneurs magazine 2020
•Top Five Lash Artist in Phoenix Entrepreneurs Magazine 2021

Tameless Lash Artistry Eyelash Extensions


Tameless Lash Artistry is private eyelash extension studio and academy with two locations in Boise, ID and Scottsdale, AZ.



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